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sheet metal as a medium for artwork

Sheet metal is a wonderful medium to work with to create artistic pieces of all kinds. You can create so many beautiful and unique things out of sheet metal. Unfortunately, most people do not have all of the tools needed to work with sheet metal. One way to make working with sheet metal possible is finding a local sheet metal fabrication company to work with. If you are interested in working with sheet metal, take a moment to explore my site. You will find many examples of what can be made from sheet metal, learn how to save on the cost of materials, and get some advice on how to establish a good working relationship with a fabrication company.


3 Reasons Sheet Metal Is Incredibly Useful If You Heat With A Wood Stove

If you are looking for a sustainable home heating source that will not drive up your household energy consumption, wood heat is no doubt the better option. Even though heating with a wood stove is a great way to save money through the winter, there are a lot of homeowners who disregard wood heat completely. Heating with a wood stove does come along with some challenges that make it a little less attractive for some, but with some pitfalls of this heating source, all you need is sheet metal to rectify the situation. Here are three reasons sheet metal is incredibly useful if you plan to heat with a wood stove. 

Sheet metal can be used to encourage more even heating with a wood stove. 

One of the bigger complaints people tend to have with a wood stove is that heat distribution is not even throughout the house. You can help fix this problem by installing thin sheets of aluminum sheet metal in behind the stove itself. These sheets of metal can be stamped or surface treated so they fit better in with the design of your home, so don't be concerned about having plain fabricated sheets of metal hanging around the house. The aluminum will help to deflect heat outward into the room, making it easier to see a more consistent temperature throughout. The same idea can be used to help deflect heat downward that has risen from the ceiling by installing sheet metal overhead.

Sheet metal makes the perfect protective platform for a wood stove. 

There is no need to be concerned that sparks and embers from burning wood will be damaging to your flooring surfaces. Sheet metal barriers make the perfect protective layer to install between your wood stove and the floor of your home. Steel is the usual material used for protective wood stove trays, but in a pinch, you can use just about any piece of sheet metal you have around to ward off concerns. 

Sheet metal can be used to construct attractive wood containers. 

One thing that comes along with heating with wood is the inconvenience of having to keep your fuel source (wood) nearby, on-hand, or even in the house. Keep your wood contained in metal boxes created from fabricated sheet metal and you won't have to be so concerned with the mess of having wood hanging around or in the house. Metal, such as stainless steel, makes the perfect material for a wood container because it is aesthetically appealing and sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Contact a business, such as J&E Metal Fabricators, for more information.